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Office Platter Menu

For pick-up only.

** Requires 24 hours notice. If urgent please check with kitchen for time of pick-up. **


  • Mixed Munchies$120.00

    Deep Fried Pickles (15), Onion Rings (30), Mozza Sticks (15), Chicken Fingers (20), Kettle Chips (3 baskets)

  • Wrap Platter$65

    Mixture of 2: Chicken Salad, Ultimate Wrap, Honey Mustard Wrap, Club House Wrap and 1 basket of Kettle Chips. (12, 10' wraps. 24 pieces)

  • Wing Platter$65.00

    6 pounds of wings server with 3 sauces. Tossed in or on the side.

  • Nacho Platter$41.00

    Veggie and Cheese Nachos (3 portions) served with chili, salsa and sour cream on the side. Add chicken or pulled pork with sauce or plain for $9. Add guacamole for $2.50 (2 3-ounce portions).

  • Mexican Dip Bowl$50.00

    Famous Mexican Dip (4 portions) served with pita and nacho chips.

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